Doctoral Study Program of Law Faculty of Law UNUD Holds Manual Revision Activity

Monday, September 19, 2022 Doctoral Study Program of Legal Studies (PDIH) FH Unud held an activity to revise its Study Program Manual which was opened directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Law Unud, attended by Deputy Dean I, Co-Prodi Doctor of Legal Studies, MKN Masters Program Cooperatives, Faculty of Law Unud S1 Study Programs, Professors, Permanent Lecturers of PDIH, Doctoral Quality Assurance Implementation Team (TPPM), students, alumni and users of Doctoral Law Science alumni, Faculty of Law Unud. This activity presented 3 (three) speakers, namely: Head of the Institute for Learning Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M) Unud (Ir. I Nengah Sujaya, M.AGr., Sc., Ph.D), Head of the Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) Badung Regency (Dr. I Wayan Suambara, SH, MM) and the Co-Prodi Doctor of Law, Faculty of Law Unud (Prof. Dr. I Putu Sudarma Sumadi, SH, SU) and moderated by Dr. I Gusti Agung Mas Rwa Jayantiari, SH, M.Kn. The purpose of organizing this activity is to revise the guidebook owned by PDIH FH Unud so that it is in accordance with the format and content of the guidebook made by Unud and the needs of stakeholders. There are several things that must be clarified in the PDIH FH Unud manual, such as: the new student admission system, graduate profiles that will be related to the curriculum, Graduate Learning Outcomes (CPL), Course Learning Outcomes (CPMK), courses. And the important issue is the determination of the type of international journal as a condition for graduation for PDIH students. This type of international journal will affect the graduation predicate of PDIH students. Meanwhile, from S3 alumni users, the Head of Balitbang Badung Regency suggested adding courses, such as Communication and Information Law considering that we are in the era of society 5.0 which uses internet technology as the main media in almost all areas of life. (UPIKS&IT FH Unud Team)