5 FH Journals Attend APJHI National Conference 2023: Workshop on Legal Scientific Journal Management

Author: UPIKS Team FH UNUD | Editor: Md Suksma PDS

Malang, FLUNUD.ac.id - 5 representatives of the FH Journal manager (Udayana Journal of Law and Culture, Kertha Patrika, Udayana Law Master Journal, Acta Comitas, Kertha Semaya) attended the National Conference (Munas) of the Indonesian Law Journal Managers Association (APJHI) "Workshop on Management of Legal Scientific Journals" on Tuesday (03/14/2023) at Savana Hotel, Malang, East Java. Purpose of the National Conference

The National Conference was opened by the Chairperson of APJHI Dhiana Puspitawati, S.H., LLM, PhD and attended by law journal managers throughout Indonesia. From 5 FH UNUD journals were represented by: Dr. Desak Putu Dewi Kasih, S.H., M.Hum (Acta Comitas), I Made Budi Arsika, S.H., LLM (UDayana Journal of Law and Culture), Kadek Agus Sudiarawan, S.H., M.H. (Kertha Patrika), Dr. Made Suksma Prijandhini Devi Salain, S.H., M.H., LLM) and Pande Yogantara, S.H., M.H. (Kertha Semaya). 

After the opening ceremony, it was continued with 2 presentation sessions. Session 1 was given presenting 2 speakers: Yoga Dwi Arianda ST (Coordinator of Intellectual Property and Scientific Publications) with the material "Journal Management in accordance with Scientific Journal Accreditation Guidelines" and Prof. Irwansyah (Editor in Chief of Hasanuddin Law Review as well as APJH Advisor with the material "Standardization of National Journal Accreditation Assessment (ARJUNA)".

The 2 speakers in session 2: Arie Afriansyah PhD (Editor in Chief of Indonesia Journal of International Law and APJHI Trustee) with the material "Scientific Journal Publication Ethics"; Kukuh Tejomurti (Sebelas Maret University Journal Developer Unit) with the material "Journal Manuscript Process Based on 3 Open Access Practices." In the last session, the APJHI National Conference was held which was led directly by the Chairperson of APJHI delivering the National Conference Introduction related to the Role of APJHI in Improving the Quality of Scientific Journals in the Field of Law.

This activity is one of APJHI's annual agendas which aims to strengthen friendship, coordination and strengthen management between managers of Legal Scientific Journals in Indonesia towards managing Sinta accredited national and reputable international journals. Through the APJHI National Conference and Legal Scientific Journal Management Workshop, it is hoped that input can be generated in order to improve the governance of Legal Scientific Journals throughout Indonesia.