Faculty of Law UNUD Organizes Internationalization Action "General Lecture on International Human Rights Law for Women"

Author: Public Lecture Organizing Committee | Editor: UPIKS FH UNUD Team

Denpasar, FLUNUD.ac.id – Lab/International Law Section of the Faculty of Law UNUD held a Public Lecture with the theme International Human Rights Law for Women on Thursday (19/01/2023) in the Video Conference Room of the Faculty of Law UNUD Denpasar. The public lecture was delivered by Dr. Ingrid Westendorp who is an academic in the field of human rights, especially women's rights from the Faculty of Law Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

The public lecture begins with remarks from the Chairman of the Organizing Committee (I Made Budi Arsika, S.H., LLM), followed by an introduction from Dr. Ingrid Westendorp and giving remarks as well as opening a public lecture by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNUD (Prof. Dr. Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa, S.H., M.Hum). Dr. Ingrid Westendorp presented material entitled The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women/CEDAW (and beyond).

The material presented was of course very interesting starting from the history of the establishment of the international legal instrument CEDAW which regulates the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women along with additional protocols, committees and commissions that handle complaints or cases of violence against women, types of complaints and the success of the committee in handling complaints or cases of violence against women. In addition, Dr. Ingrid Westendorp also said that CEDAW upholds 2 principles, namely: Equality and Non-Discrimination but experiences problems in implementing them. Examples of cases of violence against women caused by the culture of a region, such as the use of special shoes for women in China which are so small that they cause the shape of the feet to not grow normally, can lead to infection leading to death. However, over time and actions/movements from the community, this culture was successfully eradicated. And cases of violence against women in the household and forced rape.

The public lecture participants consisted of Deputy Deans, Coordinators of Undergraduate (S1) Law Studies Programs, Masters (S2) in Law, Masters (S2) Notary, Doctor (S3) in Law, Heads of Labs/Departments, Unit Coordinators, international law teaching lecturers, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students of the Faculty of Law UNUD were very enthusiastic about attending public lectures and conducting interactive discussions. After the public lecture ended, Dr. Ingrid Westendorp gave a briefing to UNUD Faculty of Law students who are members of the Student Community for International Law (SCIL) in preparation for participating in the International Moot Court Competition. Public lectures and briefings to SCIL which present foreign lecturers are one of the real actions of the Faculty of Law UNUD to increase internationalization towards international accreditation.