Kuesioner Alumni

Hello Udayana University Alumni Your

almamater, Udayana University, is currently conducting a graduate survey for alumni who attended the graduation period 140 - 143 (February, May, July, and September 2021) to find out the career developments and activities of current alumni. This tracking study has strategic significance in the future development of Udayana University.

We request alumni's willingness to answer some of the questions in the questionnaire at the link


Filling out the questionnaire only takes 7 - 12 minutes.

The data we collect is only used for the University development database.

The 20 lucky alumni who filled out the questionnaire during this period will receive a Go-Pay balance of Rp. 20,000. Make sure the cellphone number entered is correct.

We thank you for your time and willingness to participate.


Udayana University