Denpasar, September 18, 2022, the ALSA Open House 2022 activity has been implemented hybridly by new students and parents of each participant. ALSA Open House is an activity to introduce ALSA in general and also to welcome prospective new members of ALSA LC Unud. 

The series of events consisted of opening, talkshow sessions about the experiences of ALSA LC Unud members who participated in ALSA activities both nationally and internationally. Then it was continued with a material presentation session regarding the introduction of ALSA to parents by the Director of ALSA LC Unud and the President of ALSA NC Indonesia. 

The next agenda is division sharing. Division sharing is an introduction session for each department in the current management period to participants so that participants can find out what activities are contained in the ALSA LC Unud. (ALSA LC Unud Team)