Doctoral Promotion Ida Bagus Bayu Brahmantya Doctoral Study Program (S3) in Law FH UNUD

Author: FH UNUD IT Team | Editor: UPIKS FH UNUD Team

Denpasar, – Doctoral Study Program (S3) in Law of the Faculty of Law UNUD graduated a new Doctor, Ida Bagus Bayu Brahmantya on Monday (30/01/2023). The dissertation with the title Arrangement of Authority of Foundation Managers Who Are Dismissed during the Term of Office of Foundation Management was successfully defended by Ida Bagus Bayu Brahmantya at the Doctoral Promotion which took place in the Hall of the Faculty of Law UNUD Denpasar Campus.

The doctoral promotion session ran smoothly for 2 hours led by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNUD (Prof. Dr. Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa, S.H., M.Hum) and accompanied by the Promoter (Prof. Dr. Ibrahim R., S.H., M.H), Ko -Promoter I (Prof. Dr. I Nyoman Suyatna, S.H., M.H) Co-Promoter II (Dr. Dewa Gde Rudy, S.H., M.Hum), as well as 3 other members of the board of examiners / objectors.

The new doctor, Ida Bagus Bayu Brahmantya, who is Deputy Chairperson of the Dwijendra Foundation and an Advocate, said that the essence of establishing a foundation is the existence of an organization without the aim of profit that is used for mankind so that they can help others by separating their assets sincerely for social purposes. religion and humanity. So that this organization does not deviate from its aims and objectives, it is regulated in a statutory regulation, so that it becomes a legal entity driven by a group of people, each of whom is given authority for the implementation of organizational activities.

The legal vacuum regarding the authority of the board of foundations who were dismissed during the term of office reflects a legal uncertainty (rechtsonzekerheid) or uncertainty in laws and regulations and results in legal chaos (rechtsverwarring). The construction of foundation management norms related to the dismissal of foundation management during the tenure of their management is carried out by removing or replacing some of the material in Article 36 of Law Number 16 of 2001 concerning Foundations.