Implementation of Iustitia 2023 Community Service Activities FH UNUD

Author: UPIKS FH UNUD Team | Editor: Md Suksma PDS

Denpasar, - The Student Executive Board (BEM) of the Faculty of Law UNUD held the Iustitia 2023 Community Service with the theme "Salunglung Sabayantaka" on Saturday - Sunday (28-29 January 2023) at Kuwum Field, Kuwum Village, Marga District, Tabanan Regency . The activity began with remarks by the Deputy Dean III of the Faculty of Law UNUD (Dr. I Made Bachelor, SH., M.H.) who also opened the event. The opening ceremony was attended by the Principal of SMAN 1 Marga School, Head of Kuwum Village Headquarters, Kelian of Kuwum Village, Babinsa TNI of Kuwum Village, Head of Marga Sub-District, and Kuwum Regional Police, as well as Associate Lecturers of the Faculty of Law UNUD.

The service activity was attended by 530 students of the Faculty of Law UNUD class 2020 - 2022. Students provided counseling to students of SDN 1 and SDN 2 in Kuwum Village, carried out environmental cleaning activities, and carried out self-development through research understanding. This community service activity was also accompanied by submission of the Draft Village Regulation Draft relating to waste management to Kuwum Village residents.

The closing of the activity was carried out by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNUD (Prof. Dr. Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa, S.H., M.Hum.) by releasing the nametags of the community service participants. The activity was also terminated by giving plaques to the Principal of SMAN 1 Marga School, Principal of SDN 1 Kuwum, SDN 2 Kuwum, Head of Marga District, and Kuwum Village Secretary. Community service is very important to be carried out by new students of the Faculty of Law UNUD, as a form of introduction and implementation of the Tridharma of Higher Education.