Signing of Cooperation between the Faculty of Law, Udayana University and Dwijendra University

Author: UNUD UPIKS Team | Editor: Md Suksma PDS

Denpasar, – Faculty of Law, Udayana University (FH UNUD) signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Faculty of Law, Dwijendra University (FH UNDWI) on Monday (16/01/2023) at the Sadhu Gocara Hall, Dwijendra University , Denpasar-Bali. This cooperation agreement covers the Tridharma Higher Education activities, namely: Education, Research and Service. 

The cooperation agreement between the two parties was immediately implemented by holding an Academic Seminar on "State Responsibility for Workers After the Entry of PERPU No. 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation.” This Academic Seminar is part of a series of celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the Dwijendra Foundation by inviting the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNUD (Prof. Dr. Putu Gede Arya Sumerta Yasa, SH, M.Hum) as a guest speaker who presented material entitled "Termination of Employment Relations Due to Industrial Digitalization In the Job Creation PERPU.” There were 2 other sources, namely: Professor of Brawijaya University (Prof. Dr. Abdul Rachmad Budiono, SH, MH) and Chair of the Dwijendra Foundation (Dr. I Ketut Wirawan, SH, M.Hum). 

The Academic Seminar was opened directly by the Chancellor of Dwijendra University (Dr. Ir. Gede Sedana, M.Sc., M.MA) and moderated directly by the Dean of the Faculty of Law UNDWI (Dr. Anak Agung Sagung N. Indradewi, SH, MH). The participants who came from UNDWI Faculty of Law lecturers, several UNUD Faculty of Law lecturers and students of the Law Study Program (S1) and Masters Program (S2) of Law UNDWI were very enthusiastic about attending the academic seminar because of the theme raised. The existence of this PERPU for Job Creation is used to replace the Job Creation Law which still has an unconstitutional status with the excuse of filling a regulatory vacuum. However, the substance of the Job Creation PERPU can be said to be the same as the Job Creation Law.